2015/08/04 New Product ~ GSM220B Series (220W Class II Green Medical Adaptor (Level VI))
2015/07/31 New Products ~ Mean Well Officially Announces Launch of the Entire LRS Family – the New Generation Industrial Standard Power Supply
2015/07/28 New Product ~ OWA-120U Series (120W External LED Power Supply)
2015/07/24 HLG&HLG-C Series Warranty Upgrade to 7 Years!
2015/07/21 New Product ~ ELG-150-C Series (150W Constant Current and High Voltage Output LED Power Supply with PFC)
2015/07/20 New Product ~ GST18/25/36 Series (18W~36W Green Adaptor(Level VI))
2015/07/02 New Product ~ HEP-100/150/185 Series (100W~185W Harsh Environment Power Supply)
2015/06/05 New Product ~ GST160A/220A/280A Series (160W~280W Desktop Type Green Adaptor)
2015/05/26 New Product ~ APV/APC-8 Series ( 8W Entry-level Indoor LED Power Supply)
2015/05/18 New Product ~ GEM18I Series (18W Plug-Interchangeable Medical Adaptor)
2015/05/15 New Product ~ SGA40/60 Series (40W~60W Slim Wall-mounted Green Adaptor)
2015/05/05 New Product ~ OWA-60E Series (60W Moistureproof Adaptor)
2015/05/04 New Product ~ NDR-240/480 Series (240W/480W DIN Rail Power Supply with PFC)
2015/05/04 New Product ~ LPC-100 Series (100W Economical Constant Current Output LED Power Supply)
2015/04/29 New Product ~ NPF-120(D) & PWM-120 Series (120W Waterproof LED Power Supply with PFC)
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