2016/10/10 MEAN WELL China Operations Center was officially opened!
2016/09/30 New Product ~ NPF-120D-BE Series (120W 3 in 1 Dimming Type LED Driver with Auxiliary Output (PFC))
2016/09/29 New Product ~ RPS-400/-C/-TF/-SF Series (400W Miniature Green Open Frame Type and Enclosed Type Medical Power Supply)
2016/09/23 New Product ~ RPS-300-C Series (300W Miniature Green Enclosed Type Medical Power Supply)
2016/09/13 New Product ~ ELG-200/240 & ELG-200-C/240-C Series (200W/240W C.V. + C.C. Output/ C.C. Output LED Drivers with PFC)
2016/09/09 New Product ~ EPP-400 Series (400W Miniature Green Open Frame Type Industrial Power Supply)
2016/09/02 New Product ~ IDLC/IDPC-45 Series (45W Plastic Housing / PCB Type Flicker Free Constant Current Output LED Driver with PFC)
2016/07/22 New Product ~ GP25A/25B/50A Series (25~50W Triple Output Industrial Desktop Type Green Adaptor (Level VI))
2016/07/14 New Product ~ GEM30I/40I Series~ (30W/40W AC Plug-interchangeable Medical Adaptor (Level VI))
2016/07/05 New Product ~ SPA01 Series (1W SIP DC/DC Regulated Converter)
2016/07/05 New Product ~ SMU02 Series (2W DC/DC SIP Unregulated Converter)
2016/06/27 New Product ~ LDD-1200~1500H/HW Models (1200mA/1500mA DC-DC Constant Current Output LED Driver)
2016/06/14 New Product ~ 1600W Programmable AC/DC Power Supply and Intelligent Charger
2016/06/07 New Product ~ KNX-20E Series (20W KNX Power Supply)
2016/06/01 New Product ~ RPS-200 Series (200W Miniature Green Open Frame Type and Enclosed Type)
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